ASO 2013 - Main Paper 2


Match the pairs : 


What is the full name of the Indian Scientist who was awarded with the 'Bharat Ratna' in 2013 ?


How much percentage of core area of 'tiger project' has been declared by the Central Government as a tourist area ?


Which Comet came nearest to the Earth in the month of November - December 2013 ? 


Match the Awards with the winners at the 44th International Film Festival of India.


Select the correct statement / statements.

(a) Andhra Pradesh is the first state in India, which declared 'E-Governance Policy.'

(b) Madhya Pradesh is the first state in India, which started 'State Residence Information Centre.'


What is the name of new Insulin Injection for diabetic patients that has impact in the patient body for 36-40 hours or 02 days ?


Match the length of Indian border with the neighbouring states : 


Who was the winner of the 'World Championship of Chess' competition in the year 2013 ?


Which of the following was recommended by the Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) in 1966 ?


Choose the missing set of alphabets in place of (?) for completing square : 


Anil is standing at CST station, from that place towards east 5 kms apart Baban is standing. On Baban's northern side 5 kms apart Chandrashekhar is waiting and he has to travel 7 kms towards east to Dadar. Thus what is the straight distance between CST station and Dadar ?


Which of the following is not the mirror image of the accompanying image after rotating it appropriately ?


If 3 March, 2004 falls on Monday, then on which day will 3 March 2011 fall ? 


Which of the following cubes cannot be produced by folding accompanying paper ? 

0ptions :


Study the pattern and choose the image in place of question mark : 


While buying fruits one customer purchased 2 guavas and 3 pineapples and gave ₹ 245. Second customer purchased 1 apple and 2 pineapples and paid  ₹175. Third customer purchased 3 guavas and 4 apples and paid  ₹ 130. If I want to buy a pair of each fruit what amount should I pay ?


Study the premise and answer the question :

S, T, U and V are all different persons.
• S is the daughter of T
• T is the son of U 

• U is the father of V 

Which among the following statements is contradictory to the given premise ?


Nitya's mother has same number of sisters as she has brothers. Her maternal uncle, Anitya has twice as many sisters as he has brothers. How many maternal uncles and aunts together does Nitya have ?


Two friends decided to practise running from the same spot and at the same time. One of the friends started exactly at 5:00 am with the speed 60 Kmph. Second reached the starting point 15 minutes late and started running with the speed 65 Kmph. At what time will both be together?

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