ASO 2014 - Main Paper 1


Identify the type of sentence.

Do or Die


Fill in the blank with correct alternative.

There is an ______ difference between man's laughter and murder.
She was very _______ of our efforts to help.


Spot the word to which a suffix has been added :


Consider the following sentences :
(a) when the hunter saw the tiger, he climbed up a tree.

(b) on seeing the tiger, the hunter climbed up a tree

Answer Options :


Locate the unit with a grammatical error, if any :


Choose the meaning of the underlined idiom :
He is a stick - in - the - mud.


Identify the underlined term :
We know why he hasn't come.


Fill in the blank.
The management must not _______ between male and female applicants.


In which part of the sentence does the error lie ?
I would have been working/in this organization/for ten years next year.


(a) The desert looked awesome.
(b) Everyone has got according to his deserts.

What do the underlined words above respectively mean?

Answer Options :


Choose the synonym for the underlined word :
Let me give you a fable.


Which of the following sentences are grammatically correct?
(a) Hallowed be thy name !
(b) The king ordered that the prisoner be beheaded.
(c) Had I your talent, I would have created a sensation.
(d) If only I were rich !

Answer Options : 


Choose the antonym for the underlined word :
He is an erudite person.


Which of the given options carries the meaning of the underlined idiom?
Now that he has thrown down the gauntlet, we will have to work harder.


Fill the blank with the most appropriate word from the ones given below :
How have you _______ in your exams ?


Very few opening batsmen are as talented as Gautam.
Which, among the options given below is the most acceptable comparative degree conversion of the above sentence ?


Choose the correct word which can be substituted for the given words.
A person indifferent to pleasure and pain. 


Choose the most appropriate antonym for the underlined word from the options given below:
Showing deference up to a certain point is acceptable.


Choose the most appropriate synonym for the underlined word :
His last days were spent in great penury.


Spot the wrongly spelt word:

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