ASO 2014 - Main Paper 2


Which is the seventh place of India included in the 'UNESCO World Heritage' list ?


Which virus disease is transmitted to humans from wild animals ? 


Which district was formerly known as 'Saras nagri'?


______, ______, ______ nagar parishads have been transformed into Mahanagarpalika.

(a) Latur

(b) Chandrapur

(c) Hingoli 

(d) Parbhani

Answer options :


The first Intelligence Academy of India is established at _______


Gopinath Munde held which of the positions ?

(a) Deputy Chief Minister

(b) Central Cabinet Minister

(c) Chairman of Public Accounts Committee

(d) Chairman of Estimates Committee

Answer options :


Which multilateral development bank was set up during BRICS summit in July 2014 ?


According to the amendment to the Companies Act, what percentage of average net profit is  to be spent by the companies towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?


According to the report of the Rangrajan Committee, which state of India has the most number of poor people ?


Arrange in an appropriate order - (Vice Presidents of India) :

(a) Mohammad Hamid Ansari

(b) Krishan Kant

(c) Bhairon Singh Shekhawat

(d) K.R. Narayanan

Answer options :


Which of the options is a mirror reflection of the following group of symbols :


What number should the missing hand point in the clock ?



Study the pattern of alphabets and select the appropriate option to replace the question marks from left to right:

Answer options :


Read the statements carefully and choose the correct option from the following:

Statement (1): Regur soil is mainly found in river basin and on plateau region.

Statement (2): Red and Laterite soil is found in heavy rainfall region where as Grey soil is found in coastal areas.

Answer options :


Which two of the following figures are identical ?


Four different positions, (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) of cube are given below. Find the alphabet on the face opposite to the face that shows alphabet F.


Study the following Venn representation in language speaking fluency of the students of a class. 

How many of them can speak only any of the three languages ? (Alphabets represent different numbers)


Study the following information and answer the question given below :

(a) A → B means A is 1 mt to the left of B.
(b) B  C means B is 1 mt to the south of C.
(c) C D means C is 1 mt to the right of D.
(d) D  E means D is 1 mt to the North of E.
(e) In all the above situations first person from the left is facing North
using the above meaning for the expression M →N T; find in which direction T is with respect to M?

Answer options :


Three statements given below appear to be meaningless. You have to consider these to be true and study the four conclusions (1), (2), (3) and (4) drawn on the basis of these statements. Then decide which of these conclusion/s logically follow these statements ?
Statements : All hangers are diaries.
                    Some diaries are junctions.
                    Some junctions are thermometers.
 Conclusions : (1) Some junctions are hangers.
                      (2) Some junctions are diaries.
                      (3) Some hangers are junctions.

                      (4) Some hangers are thermometers
Answer options :


A statement is given below followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something supposed to be or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is/are implicit (indirectly suggested) in the statement.

Statement : Principal told in parent. Teacher meeting-Those children who get encouragement from parents, perform better in examination.

Assumptions : I Some parents do not encourage children.

                       II Parents may follow principal's advice.

Answer options :

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