ASO 2016 - Main Paper 1


Identify the tense form and time expressed in the following sentences : 

a. When is your father taking you to the zoo ? 

b. A friend of ours is going to stay with us in November.


Which of the following words is/are antonymous with the word Deficit ? 

a. Defect

b. Depreciation 

c. Detection 

d. Surplus


Match the pairs : 


a. My mother tells us stories.

b. If it rains I shall not work.

c. I run fast that I may win the race. 

Identify the sentence(s) that express(es) subjunctive mood. 


Choose the sentences containing correct prepositions.  

a. Our neighbours are going to a holiday.

b. Our neighbours are going for a holiday.

c. Our neighbours are going on a holiday.

d. There is a boat on the river.


Choose the correct alternative.


Which one of the following suffixes forms the adjective of the noun 'Radiance'?


Choose the correct sentences. 

a. You mustn't to drive fast.

b. You needn't give him a lift.

c. Subhash needn't to give him a job.

d. Robert mustn't send any money to his sister,


Which one of the following words meaning — "lodging or rooms for living spells correctly?


Which is true of a simple sentence ?


Which of the expressions is/are not correct ? 

a. Give up the ghost

b. Give a damn

c. Give as bad as one gets


Identify the subject in the sentence given below : 

That she survived in those conditions passes belief.


Which one of the following sentences uses the comparative adjective correctly?


Identify the correct sentence(s).

a. What I can do for you?

b. We can start now? 

c. Which is faster, the train or the bus ? 

Who is your companion ?


a. The man arrived on Friday.

b. His name is Shankar.

Which one of the following is a correct complex sentence formed from the two simple sentences above?


Choose the correct sentences. 

a. Can you tell me why are you late?

b. Do you know when does the train leave? 

c. Can you tell me why are you interested in an administrative career ? 


Which one of the following is a correct sentence in active voice ? 

a. The accident happened at 10:00 pm. 

b. The accident was happened at 10:00 pm.

c. The accident has been happened at 10:00 pm.

d. The accident is happened at 10:00 pm.


Which of the following is/are not a meaning of the word 'Prune'? 

a. To cut off 

b. To remove

c. A dried plum 

d. Try to find out about someone else's private affairs 


Which one of the following sentences correctly expresses an adverb clause of condition? 

a. That is Ramanathan if I am mistaken.

b. That is Ramanathan unless I am not mistaken.

c. That is Ramanathan unless I am mistaken.

d. If that is Ramanathan, I am mistaken.


a. The higher you go, the cooler it is.

b. We eat that we may live.

c. He ran fast to reach on time.

Identify the odd sentence(s).

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