ASO 2016 - Main Paper 2


Consider the following statements about GST Bill :

a. It was the 122nd Constitutional Amendment Bill. 

b. It is 101st Constitutional Amendment Act 2016.

c. Assam was the first State to ratify GST Bill.

d. Bihar was the first non-NDA State to ratify GST Bill. 


Consider the following statements about Village Social Transformation Mission of Maharashtra :

a. This scheme is about comprehensive development of villages with the assistance of private companies.

b. At first stage, 1000 villages are selected for ‘Model Village'.

c. 50% of the villages are selected by participated corporate companies. 

d. Remaining 50% villages are from tribal.

Which of the above statements are correct?


In which State, the Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu inaugurated the nation's first 'Green Rail Corridor?


Which Park/Reserve received the 'India Biodiversity Award-2016' ?


The world's longest and highest glass bridge opened to visitors recently in China, which is 

a. 430 metre long   

b. 10 metre wide 
c. 300 metre above the ground d.

Allows a maximum of 8000 visitors to cross the bridge every day 


Consider the following statements : 

a. Justice Manjula Chellur was appointed as the Chief Justice of Bombay (Mumbai) High Court recently. b. Justice Chellur will be the second woman Chief Justice of Bombay (Mumbai) High Court. 

c. Justice Chellur was the first woman Chief Justice of Madras (Chennai) High

d. Justice Chellur was the first female Judge of Karnataka High Court. 


The United Nations has issued a stamp to mark the birth centenary of who among the following Indians ?


Which guided Missile Destroyership was launched in Mumbai on 17th September, 2016 ?


Who is appointed as the CEO of SBI Mutual Fund ?


Select the correct statements : 

a. According to Census 2011, Literacy rate in Maharashtra is 82.91%. 

b. According to Census 2011, Population density in Maharashtra is 365 per sq. km. 

c. According to Census 2011, Literacy rate in Kerala is 93.91%.


Seven girls are sitting in a circle facing towards the centre. They are Tani, Vani, Raisa, Katy, Jaya, Panna and Sathi and this list is not necessarily according to their sitting order. Someone is sitting between Sathi and Katy except Tani and Jaya. Panna is second to the left of Vani and Raisa is fifth to the right of Panna. Jaya can form a pair with Panna or Vani. If Jaya and Raisa interchange their positions which of the following two girls will not be able to form a pair for working together?


Introducing a woman a person says, 'She is the only daughter of her parents and her mother's husband's sister is my paternal aunt. I don't have any brother or sister. How is the person related to that woman, if he is a male ?


Select the correct conclusion with respect to the statement if only direct relationship is considered, “Nina's grand-father's son can be the grand-father of Nina's nephew."


Which number will come in place of the question mark ? 


The numbers in the given figure are according to some formula. What number will come in place of the star ? 


Mani drives 3 km to south-east from his home to meet his friend Nadir at his home. From there the two friends drive 5 km to south-west to meet Hemu at his home. From this point the three friends drive 11 km to north-east, 3 km to north-west and finally 11 km to south-west where they complete their drive. Who is nearest to his own home? 


In a family, M, N, O, P, Q and R are six members. O is the son of N but N is not the mother of O. N and P are married couple. R is the brother of N and Q is the sister of P. If all other members are children of married couples, then select the option which indicates the number of children of P.


Campers have set up 9 tents A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I in a certain area. G is 1 km to the west of H while D is 3 km to the east of G and F is 2 km to the north of G. I is situated in the middle of B and C while E is just in the middle of H and D. C is 2 km to the east of B. A is 1 km to the north of B and H is 2 km to the south of A. Select the nearmost direction from the given alternatives in which I is with respect to G.


There are 20 bowls of rice for 20 people. Each male decided to eat neither less nor more than three bowls of rice and all women decided that each of them will eat neither less nor more than half bowl of rice. Children were allowed to eat neither less nor more than two bowls of rice. Select the correct combination of twenty persons including males, women and children respectively, which will finish all bowls of rice.


Manu, Mani, Manju and Mali appeared for economics and history tests. Using the facts given below select the person who secured least marks in history. Facts :
- Manu is the only one who fails in economics but makes it up by securing top marks in history.
- Mani beats Manju in economics but Manju betters Mani in History.
- Mali improves her performance in economics by moving one rank higher than history and coming immediately above Manju.

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