ASO 2017 - Main Paper 1


Match the following.


Pupil's progress is a far better measure of school's ________ (effect)

Choose the correct form of the word given in the bracket to complete the sentence.


Choose the correct sentences.
a. I shall get on the first bus that comes.

b. You must show no-one the note which the attendant will give you.

C. We shall award the prize to the person who gets the highest marks.


Choose the correct sentences.
a. I advice you to wait.

b. My advice to you is to wait.

c. I advise you to wait.

d. My advise to you to wait.


Transform simple sentence to complex sentence.

Simple : I was glad to know of his success.

Complex :


Which alternative explains the difference in meaning between the following sentences (in sequence)?

a. I have a black and white dog.

b. I have a black and a white dog.


a. Kapil has been playing cricket for several years.
b. After depositing the fee to the hostel the boys went.

C. These girls have been singing nicely.

d. He is now playing a match.

Identify the correct sentence/s.


Identify the correct sentence.


Identify adverb clauses out of the sentences given below.
a. They lost the election because the voters did not trust them.

b. They rewarded the man who rescued their son.

c. The play flopped in the way that the critics had predicted. 


Choose the correct question tag for the following sentence.
You're new around here.


Swimming is the best exercise.
Select the correct form of positive degree of the above sentence.

a. No other exercise is as good as swimming.

b. Very few exercises are as good as swimming.


Identify the best synonym of the word GREGARIOUS.


a. She wants dance to be learnt.
b. She was confined to bed by fever.

c. You are ordered to bring the files.

Identify the incorrect sentence.


Identify sentence/s containing transitive verb.
a. Many trees fall in the monsoon.

b. Woodmen fell trees.

C. Rise early with the lark.


Though she was late, she finished her work in time.
Select the correct simple sentence of the above.

a. She was late but she finished her work in time.

b. Inspite of being late, she finished her work in time.

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.
Most of what I have learnt in life has been on court and from papa and my coaches, whether it's the way I speak, the way I think, or my attitude to life. Most of you must have picked up these skills within the school walls over the years, and by watching your peers and schoolmates. For me, it's been the academy, the courts and the many games of badminton I have played since turned nine. So yes, the way I perceive life is also a little different from the average schoolgoer, whose goal includes academic pursuit.
The dangers of reaching lofty goals early in life are very real. There is no time to control success and failure. Sometimes they come together and you have to balance it as best as you can. It would have been easy to let it go to my head, but I'm acutely aware of what I have received and the element of my luck in my life; I would never take it for granted. At the same time, I am also conscious of how much hard work I have put in. Parents of young children often come upto Papa and ask him if they should allow their children to pursue the game rather than academics. And Papa always says no. Given a choice, he would have liked me to have finished school, and perhaps even college. I too tried to pursue academics, but after a point it was not possible any more. Papa and I both know that things could just as easily have not worked out. Admittedly, I am not the most talented player in the world or in the country, but I have made up for what! lack in talent with hard work. Commitment, and total focus. I think this combination works, no matter what you do in life. Mummy may tell me to focus on the goal and focus on success, but even if you don't, I think finding something you love to do and giving it your all is a great life mantra to have.

सविस्तर वाचा...


Identify the correct sentence.
According to the passage

a. The skills in life can be learnt only within the school walls.

b. Hard work, commitment and total focus on goal is the mantra of success.

C. Parents should allow their children to pursue the game rather than academics.


According to speaker in the passage
One must learn to balance ________

Complete the sentence choosing the best alternative.


Identify the correct sentence/s.

According to the passage

a. Parents should allow their children to pursue the game rather than academics.

b. Parents should motivate their children to pursue both education and game.

C. Parents should force their children to focus on the goal and on success only.

d. Parents should set free their children to identify their own interest and make them work on it with integrity.


ports require dedication.
Pick out the correct synonym from the passage.


Select the correct word for the following.
The act of schooling and learning.

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