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If a 60 W elecric bulb is lighted for 6 hours, how much elecrical energy is consumed ?


The radius of a cone is decreased by 20% and the height is increased by 50%. The change in the volume of the cone is 


For A.P.


In a three-digit number, the sum of the digits at hundreds place and units place is 1 less than the digit at the tens place. The number is 17 times the sum of the three digits. If 198 is added to the original number, the order of the digits is reversed. Then what is the original number?


A certain loan was repaid in two equal and annual instalments of ₹ 4704 each. If the rate of compound interest was 12%, then the sum borrowed was


The price of an item is ₹ 5000. If there is 12% discount on it, the price of that item would be 


2/3 of the members of a committee are women. 1/4 of the men in the committee are married. If the number of bachelor men in the committee is 9, then the total number of members of the committee is 


A machine in a soft drink factory fills 840 bottles in 6 hours. How many bottles will it fill in 5 hours ?


A set of chairs is available for ₹ 2000 cash or for ₹ 1200 cash down payment and 860 to be paid after six months in one instalment. The rate of interest charged under the instalment scheme is _________ p.a.



Surface area of a sphere is 314 cm2. Then the volume of the sphere is _________ .


How many sides does a regular polygon have if the measure of an exterior angle is 45° ?


If we solve correctly (20 - 5 x 2 + 3 - 18 ÷ 9) then we get the answer



If a three-digit number 24x is divisible by 9, what is the value of x ? 


Simplify :


How much less is the sum of odd numbers between 51 to 70, from the sum of even numbers between the same ? 



Ram bought a cupboard for ₹ 3300 including tax of 10%. Find the original price of the cupboard before tax was added.


is not a surd because _________

Which of the following reasons is incorrect?

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