ASO Pre 2012


|2x-31 = 7, then what are the values of x?


Half of 1% is equal to : 


Difference between the squares of two serial natural numbers is 27. What are these numbers ?


*3*4 is a four digit number completely divisible by 12. If the same digit appears in both the places of * find the digit.


A farmer borrows ₹ 1000 and agrees to repay with a total interest of  ₹ 140 in 12 instalments, each instalment being less than the preceding by ₹10. What should be his first instalment.


A dealer purchased a transistor set for  ₹ 2500 and sold it to a sub-dealer for ₹ 2700. The sub-dealer further sold it to a customer for ₹ 2800. VAT @ 12.5% is paid on every sale. Then the total tax paid is :






Vijay gets payment of ₹ 150 daily. He spends 2/5th on food and 1/3rd of the remaining amount on household. How much amount does he save daily ?


In one class average age of 60 students is 11 years 5 months. When the same is deduced with that of a teacher, it comes to 12 years. Then what will be the age of teacher ? 


If 9 is subtracted from 1/9 th of a number, the answer is 9 then what is that number ?


One aeroplane covers a distance of 500 kms from place A to B in one hour. On its return it covers the same in half an hour. What is the average speed of aeroplane ?


Ramesh has 3/10th of two thirds of the amount had by Ritesh. If Ritesh is having ₹ 90 then how much amount does Ramesh have ?



If 3/4th of a number is added to the same number and multiplied by 4, the result is 126. What is the number? 


A number series is written as 357, 363, 369,....., what will be the 10th term in this series ?


The average of three numbers is 60. The second number is greater than the first by 6 but smaller than the third by 12. Find the second number.


Shirin is 3 years younger to Maria. After 2 years the ratio of their ages will be 5 : 6. How old is Shirin today?



Bharati and Anand are 180 kms. apart. They start running simultaneously towards each other at a speed of 10 km/hr and 20 km/hr respectively. In how many hours will they | meet ?

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