PSI Main 2011 - Paper 2


Which figure will appear at the question mark? 


To Complete the sequence select the correct option. 

B 3 E 7 R 139 19?


Mouth is to saliva then Eye is to 


Identify the odd figure :


 If 1641 : 41: then 7225 : ?


Which number will follow the series? 

17, 34, 102, 408, ....


Which figure will be in place of the question-mark? 

Answer Options


Following figure indicates that 

Pupils interested in medical education 

Pupils interested in engineering education 

Pupils interested in competitive exams after degree 

So what is the proportion of pupils interested in all the three branchesto total number of pupils ?



What is the correct option in the place of question mark? 


What is the correct option in the place of question mark? 


Select proper alternative in place of question mark?

82, 18, 26, ?, ?


If SCHOOL is written as HXSLLO then NZGV means? 


Ifword 'sequential" is written as 2137198564,how the word essential will be written?


Which is the odd group of letters in the following?

Echi, Hfko, Kinr, Post


In the given figure which numbers will there be in the place of x and y? 


Four times the sum of the ages of Akshay and Ahmad is 92. Three times the sum of ages of Ahmad and Amruta is 42.5 times fo Amruta's age is equal to twice that of Akshay. So what is Ahmad's age ?


33% citizens in a city have colour T.V. sets.18% have black and white T.V. sets, 57% of citizens having T.V. sets watch them,of which 25% watch for entertainment,19% for news and 16% for educational purpose,Remaining 34884 watch T.V.without any special purpose.Then what is the total population of that city ?


There is a five digit figure. The product of 1st  and 5th digit is equal to the middle gigit Second digit is two thirds of third digit.While fourth digit is 4/3 times the middle digit.If sum of 2nd and 4th digit is 12,what is that figure ?


Sum of ages of a son and his father is equal to the age of son's grandmother. Grandmother is seven years younger than granfather. Fifteen years ago grandfather's age was twelve times that of the grandson. If father's present age is 48 years, what is the grandmother's present age?


Vasant was facing East. From this point he went 8 meters to South. Then taking right turn he walked five meters. Again turning right he walked 8 meters. Then he took a left turn and walked for 8 meters. How many meters will he have to walk to reach the starting point ? 

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