राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१५ GS-1


Which of the following statement is incorrect?


Which of the following were the provisions of the Montegue Chelmsford Act 1919 ?

(a) The salary of the Secretary of State for India should be paid from the treasury of England.

b) Indian High Commissioner should work as the representative of the Viceroy of India in England.

(c) Dual system of government should be started in the provinces. (d) The salary of the Secretary of State for India should be given from the treasury of India.

Answer options :


The Constitution of India came into force on 26th January 1950. Which one of the following two statements about it is correct?

(a) The reason for choosing this date was that the Congress which had adopted Purna Swaraj resolution at Lahore in December 1929 had urged upon the Indians to observe 26th January as Independence Day every year.

(b) The sources of the Constitution are based on the Act of 1935 and the Constitutions of the United States of America, Switzerland, Ireland, Britain, France and Spain.

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Which one of the following two statements about Pondichery is not true ?

(a) Between 1761 and 1816 the control over Pondicherry Swung between France and Portugal.

(b) France finally established her rule over Pondicherry on 26 September 1816 and it continued upto 31st October 1954.

Answer options :


Which one of the following two statements is not correct?

(a) Several Englishmen both in India and England did not like the establishment of Indian Association. Hence they thought of an alternative to this organisation.

(b) Sir A.0. Hume, a retired civil servant, desired an organisation which would serve as a safety valve and thus the Congress was founded. Lord Duffrein, the Governor General gave him his full support.

Answer options :


Which one of the following two statements is not correct?

(a) The first government of free India was led by Jawaharlal Nehru. All the ministers were the members of the Congress.

(b) Food shortages were met by shipments of food from the Soviet Union and the United States.
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Which one of the following statements is not correct? 


Who from amongst the following Indians were the memebers of Sadler Commission of 1917?

(a) Surendranath Banerjee

(b) Dadabhai Nauroji

(c) Ashutosh Mukherjee

(d) Ziyauddin Ahmed


Match the pair 


After the formation of Swaraj Party, Gandhiji wanted Congressmen to start constructive work in villages. What did it not include ?


What is meant by Sarf-e-Khas ?


 Match the pairs : 


Indian economist Romesh Dutta had written an open letter to Lord Curzon stating which of the following reasons for the poor economic condition of the farmers ?

(a) Excessive Land Revenue

(b) Droughts

(c) The government overlooked the canals

(d) Various Taxes

Answer options :


Which one of the following two statements is not correct?

(a) Sohan Singh Bhakna and his revolutionary friends set up the Indian Independence | League at California in 1907. The activities of the league increased in 1911 with the arrival of Lala Har Dayal.

(b) In 1913 Tarakanath founded Ghadar Party at San Fransisco. He toured America extensively and tried to arouse anti British sentiments among the Indian settlers.

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 Which one of the following statements is incorrect?


 Which one of the following two statements is correct?

(a) The South Indian Liberal Federation was also known as Anti Homerule League

(b) The South Indian Liberal Federation submitted a report to Montegue that 'Home Rule should not be granted to India then.

Answer options :


Who from amongst the following participated in the Revolt of 1857 ?

(a) Ramaji Shirsat of Sawantwadi

(b) Zinnat Mahal Begum

(c) Khan Bahadurkhan Rohila

(d) Nusrat Shah

Answer options :


She participated in the Pune Session of the Indian National Congress in 1895.

She became a doctor after having studied medicine in Mumbai and Europe.
She joined duty as a doctor in a state owned hospital in the Kolhapur state. Who was she ?


Which one of the following is not correct?


Which of the following statements are correct?

(a) The most outstanding cave of the Rastrakut period is the Kailash cave.

(b) The Jain caves at Verul belong to the Digambar sect.

(c) Many beautiful temples were built at Pattakadal, Badami and Ter during the Chalukyan period.

(d) Trimukhi idol sculpture in the Gharapuri caves is well known.

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