राज्यसेवा पूर्व परीक्षा २०१५ - Paper 1


During the freedom struggle of the Hyderabad State, who from the following made an attempt to assassinate the Nizam by throwing a bomb at him on 4th December 1947? 


Find out the wrongly matched pair 


This state and city attracted many of the Hindu refugees from the North. From the contemporary accounts it appears that the city was rich and very beautiful. "The city is such that eye has not seen nor ear heard of any place resembling it upon the whole earth', says Abdur Razzak. Which city and state get referred in these sentences ?


What was the net result of the Great Depression of 1930's ?

a. Population of Bombay decreased.

b. Number of textile mills in Ahmedabad decreased.

c, Bombay mill owners reduced the textile workers' wages by 30 - 50%,

d. All of the above are correct.


Who described Jinnah as "the ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity" ?


The earliest Sanskrit plays were written by him. They are really only fragments of manuscripts on palm leaves, and they were discovered, strangely enough at Turfan, on the borders of Gobi desert. Who was this Ancient Indian author ?


In 1926,  _________ proposed a bill in the Bombay Legislative Assembly, by which the 'Gram Joshi' would have no right to claim his fees if he was not invited to perform rituals.


Whose obnoxious acts are mentioned below ? a. Lowering the age of admission to the Indian Civil Service.

b. Imposition of restrictions upon the liberty of the press.

c. The Arms Act, 1878.
d. Abolition of duties on the imports of British products.


Which two classes of people from the following were against the organization of a Ganapati festival ?

a. The liberal Hindus of the School of Ranade

b. The orthodox Congress politicians

c. The Buddhists

d. The Jains


Who from the following took various names such as Raosaheb Peshwa, Bhausaheb Limaye, Ganesh Keshav Limaye, Bhaurao Limaye, Bahusaheb Kashinath Khasgiwale, Rajesaheb, Vithal Chhatre and Balwant Jagadamb?


Pick out the association for women which was the first to be founded by the women, from the following.


______, Cripps best Indian friend, was so disappointed that he confessed, “It is sad beyond measure that a man like Cripps should allow himself to become the devil's advocate.” 


Which one the following statements is incorrect?

a. The perecentage turnout in the Lok Sabha elections of India in 2014 was the highest at about 66%.

b. The previous best was recorded in 1984 at about 54%.


In 1893, Tilak converted the Ganapati celebration into a public ceremony by drawing inspiration from the


Which of the following industries were established by the Walchand Group of companies prior to Independence ?

a. Hindustan Aircraft

b. Scindia Steam Navigation

c. Premier Automobiles

d. Hindustan Motors


Our cricketing God Sachin Tendulkar always sported jersey no. 10! Some of the soccer players too come with the touch of the divine – dribbling, passing, scoring with a grace and beauty that takes your breath away. These are some of the players who wore/wear jersey no. 10. Who did / does not wear jersey no. 10?

(a) Messi

(b) Pele

(c) Neymar

(d) Maradona

(e) Baggio

(f) Kaka

(g) Ronaldo

(h) Rooney


What is the average increase of temperature with increasing depth in the interior of the earth ?


Consider the following statements about Mars : a. Thin atmosphere

b. Dry river bed

c. Temperature ranges from - 30°C to - 100°C d. Phobos is the only satellite

Which of the above statements are correct?


Which of the following rivers crosses an extensive desert before it reaches the sea ? 


Which of the following features is not related to volcanic activity ?

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